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Due to lack of data marine conservation falls decades behind land conservation.

Our waters are one of the critical areas in Mediterranean that mainly serve as breeding and nursing habitat, as well as feeding and resting ground for population of dolphins. Additionally, the southern waters of Gibraltar are used as a migration path for fin whales or feeding ground for sperm whales and other cetaceans.

All cetaceans are listed in Annex IV. of the EU Habitats and Species Directive (Council Directive 92/43/EEC), as well as bottlenose dolphins are listed in Annex II. of the Directive. Therefore, strict protection and surveillance work are required.

Through education we can imply our knowledge to general public and create bonds with cetaceans and other marine life that will inspire behavioural changes, modify the way we think about them, help us to protect them from threats they are facing and to conserve their environment. 

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