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Our Work & You

MMIRC recruits research interns and education and public awareness assistant interns to support the work of the project. The project is based in Gibraltar and focuses on conservation and research of the bottlenose dolphins, short-beaked common dolphins, striped dolphins, fin whales, sperm whales and loggerhead turtles. It is monitoring their abundance, distribution, reproductive success and population structure using a vessel-based surveys.

MMIRC has been monitoring these populations for years, collaborating with The Department of Environment. 

Research Interns will help to our researches by following tasks:

  • Land-based surveys

  • Boat-based surveys

  • Photo-identification matching

  • Data entry

  • Raising public awareness

  • Participate in events/ talks/ etc.

The public awareness assistant intern will help with following:​

  • Creating activities to take to local schools

  • Creating educational/promotional materials (posters, displays, flyers)

  • Assisting in the organisation of training courses

  • Raising MMIRCs profile locally 

Please note that all interns are responsible for their expenses, however we can tailor the volunteering work accordingly to your needs if necessary.

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