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For Earth Day, we shared the knowledge about cetaceans in our waters

We are very proud to see people of all age groups, that have been able to attend our workshop yesterday! MMIRC & Ecolocaliza explained to the community the whale and dolphin stranding procedures; and what is needed to be done to support local authorities when a marine mammal incident arise.

Also we have covered topics such as the biodiversity of cetaceans in our waters, their biology, threats they are facing and their protection laws.

The enthusiasm shown by the children has been fantastic, we are so pleased to see such an interest in cetaceans from young generation. Thank you to everyone, who could join us!

Also we would like to thank to Los Locos del Parque and their volunteers for their collaboration with carrying out this type of workshop, which is very useful for our community and crucial for the future of our seas.

In case you will find dolphin, whale or turtle stranded on the beach (depending on area) please call:

  • Environment officers on call number ‭58 009 620‬ (Gibraltar)

  • 112 (Spain)

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